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City Heat

City Heat

The Canadian summer had come early to the city and the air was heavy with moisture. It was the kind of heat that sticks to every part of your body causing temperatures and tempers to rise. Erica and Amy had scrimped and saved for a little apartment downtown for they loved the electric vibe of inner city life. The home they had built together over three years, affectionately referred to as “cozy” by both women, overlooked a lush park that offered a lilac scented breeze coupled with the melodic sounds of people enjoying the weather.

Amy yawned and stretched, spreading her body across the bed and wiggling her toes in the pleasure of her waking routine. She lifted her head and peered around the room upon realizing Erica was already up. The clock on the bedside table read noon.

“Honey, why did you let me sleep so late?” She yawned, then pouted irritably. “Half the day is gone already!” She groaned as the sweltering heat penetrated her sleepy mind.

There was no answer and she assumed Erica was out on the balcony and unable to hear her. They had paid a little more for rent than they had initially intended but they couldn’t resist such a beautiful outdoor space for they both loved to garden. As she entered the kitchen she instinctually trudged toward the coffee maker in a zombified state. Sipping the drink she jokingly referred to as her “life’s blood” she made her way toward the balcony only to find that her lover was nowhere to be seen.

“That’s odd.” She muttered to herself turning back toward the kitchen

She spied the note taped to the coffee maker and giggled that she had overlooked in her need to imbibe her beloved caffeine even in the heat of the day. She sat at the table and began to read.

Good morning, Darling!

I assume by your vegetative state that you did not come to bed at a reasonable time as you were told to do. I tried to wake you three times without success which means you must have been up very late indeed.   I have gone to the greenhouse to pick up the rest of the plants we ordered and I should be home around two o’clock.

“WHAT !?” Amy spluttered slopping coffee down the front of her nightgown. She had been looking forward to going to the greenhouse for awhile now and she began to seethe at the perceived injustice of being left behind. Temper flaring, she read on.

I know you wanted to come but I hope this will convince you to follow instructions. I expect you to keep your promise and wash the dishes which you were also supposed to do last night. I love you very much and I will see you when I get home.


Perhaps it was the heat or the fact that her sleep schedule had been changed or maybe she felt braver without the dominant presence of her girlfriend. Whatever the reason Amy began to vent her frustrations to the empty apartment.

“How could she just bugger off and leave me here!” she growled. She glanced over the letter again. “Ha! She expects me to do the dishes as well! Well nuts to her! She can bloody well do them herself!” And with that she picked up the newspaper and headed to the balcony to sulk.

Amy was absorbed in the paper for an hour or so when she began to feel a prickle of guilt, but in the tradition of a true brat she shrugged it off and went to get herself a drink. As she poured the ice cold lemonade she glanced over at the sink brimming with dishes and pots. She despised doing the washing up more than any other chore and she bristled with anger once more for Erica knew this fact better than anyone. Whenever she was displeased with Amy, Erica often made her do the dreaded chore as a warning that worse things may come if her behaviour did not improve. Today Amy did not heed this warning; instead she returned to her spot in the shade of the balcony canopy and began to do the crossword.


Erica sighed as she parked the car in front of their building, relieved to be home after a harrowing drive from the greenhouse. She was smudged with dirt and damp with sweat from loading soil and plants into her tiny car. Irritation rose inside of her as she though about how it would have been a lot less stressful if Amy had been there to help her lug the cargo home.  She shrugged and began to carry the supplies to the elevator making short work of the task due to her muscular frame. When she reached her floor the doors opened to reveal Ron and Sal, a gay couple who lived across the hall and often hosted a weekly poker night that offered a roaring good time to all who attended. Erica’s face lit up when she saw them.

“Well hello you two!”

“Hey pretty lady! How are you?” Ron inquired.

“Hot!” she laughed

“It’s a scorcher, eh?” Sal wiped his tanned brow dramatically. “Want a hand with that?”

“Sure that would be great!” Erica smiled wondering to herself how anybody could think the city was an unfriendly place. As they walked down the hall discussing the early summer heat she was glad to have such thoughtful neighbours.

“So where is the old ball and chain, m’dear?” Ron joked.

“She slept late today so I had to schlep this crap home by myself.” Erica grumbled remembering her lover’s misdeeds.

“Well at least you had some help at the end of your schlep!” Sal smiled

“True. Thanks fellas we’ll see you soon!” she said, fishing for her keys.

“Anything to help a poor, defenceless damsel!” Ron declared with a wink and a sweeping bow adding “Especially if we get a few tomatoes out of the deal.”

Erica giggled “You are first on the list gents! Have a good one” They waved and headed back toward the elevator.

She opened the door and began to move the trays inside. As she set the first one on the table she noticed that the dishes hadn’t been touched. Fuming she turned on her heel and headed for the bedroom with the intention of rousing her sleeping girlfriend in order to have a stern conversation about what “a decent hour” meant. When she popped her head round the door she saw that Amy was not there. Returning to the kitchen she saw the note on the table and realized that Amy had ignored her once again. She lugged the rest of the supplies inside, squared her shoulders and strode toward the balcony in search of her wayward brat. There she found her working away at her crossword. Erica stood with her hands on her hips looking down in disbelief; what’s more Amy did not even look up from her puzzle.

“Amy,” Erica said, trying to bite back the anger she was feeling. No answer. She tried again. “Amy, look at me” Amy gave no acknowledgement she had heard her at all. That did it.

“Grrl, if you don’t look at me right now you are going to be in even worse trouble than you already are!” the woman growled in a tone that offered no room for disobedience.

Amy had intended to ignore Erica for the rest of the day but as she heard the dominant tone of her very displeased partner the gravity of what she had done suddenly dawned on her. “Oh my god! What was I thinking!” she thought frantically. She recognized that it had been a while since she had heard that particular tone of voice but she instantly remembered what had happened the last time and her bottom began to tingle. She slowly raised her eyes in what she hoped was a heart melting look only to be taken aback by the severe look Erica shot at her.  Amy gulped and tried to act nonchalant though her voice was higher than usual when she responded.

“Yes, Dear?” she squeaked.

“Do you care to explain what on Earth you think you are doing?” Erica said, dangerously calm.

“Not particularly.” Amy quipped, trying to appeal to her lover’s humorous side. The glare she received put an end to that plan very quickly.

“Come with me, Miss.” Erica commanded turning and walking back into the apartment without a backward glance.

Amy sighed and rose from her seat strongly aware of the butterflies in her tummy. As she entered the kitchen she gave her mate a timid smile that was not returned. “I am in so much trouble!” she wailed in her thoughts.

“Sit down, please” Erica stated firmly as she began to wash the soil from her fingers. She grabbed a tea towel to dry her hands as she turned to look at Amy. What she saw made her smirk slightly. Her girlfriend was sitting with her hands in her lap, nervously playing with the lace that bordered her cotton teddy, and biting her lip. To Erica, Amy looked like she was beginning to grasp the severity of the situation and this helped to ease her frustration a bit. She had just regained her composure when Amy looked up with a hangdog expression.

“What time did you come to bed last night?” Erica inquired.

“Uhhhh…” Amy stammered. The question had thrown her off guard. She had expected to be scolded not put on the spot. “Three I think.” she said hesitantly.

“Why didn’t you do the dishes as you had promised?” Erica asked calmly.

“I lost track of time, I guess” Amy shrugged. She was confused. Erica had seemed very angry outside but now it was as though she was merely interested in small talk. “That’s why I was up so late as well; I just got caught up in my book.”

“I see. I assume you read my note considering it is still sitting on the table.” Erica said her tone growing more dangerous now. Amy nodded not meeting her eye. She continued. “Then why do I find you sitting outside while the sink is still full?”

Amy began to pout upon remembering the greenhouse trip. She suddenly felt as though she had done nothing wrong and foolhardy courage filled her heart once more.

“Well you shouldn’t have left without me! I really wanted to go with you so I could pick out some snapdragons! You obviously didn’t try too damn hard to wake me, Lady!” she spat, folding her arms and crossing her legs in a defiant display that was not well received.

“I am in no mood for your petulant attitude, so you better drop that tone grrl!” Erica said sharply.

She was pleased to see that Amy seemed to realize her mistake for she uncrossed her arms and began to pick at her fringe once more. Erica let the silence stretch before them in order to give her brat some time to think upon her actions. She also enjoyed watching Amy squirm. It was Amy who broke the silence first in a last ditch attempt to evade the punishment she knew was coming.

“Look baby, I’m sorry. I was just really looking forward to going today and I was mad that you left without me. I’ll do the dishes right now okay?” she asked hopefully.

“I appreciate your apology but you have been long over due for a spanking; so you are going to march into the bedroom and take your punishment like a good brat. Then you will do the dishes. Nice try though.” Erica declared with a smirk though her tone was no less dominant for it.

“NOOOO! That’s not fair! I wasn’t that bad!” Amy whined

“I am not going to argue with you. You know that your actions have consequences, Miss! Now are you going to take your punishment like a lady or are you going to continue to be a brat?” Erica asked evenly.

Amy took hold of both sides of the chair, planted her feet and squared her shoulders. She wasn’t going to give up without a fight. She fixed Erica with a defiant glare. She reasoned if she did not get up she could goad Erica into an argument or at least make her angry enough that she would have to take time to cool down before punishing her.

“Fuck you.” she said darkly. The look on Erica’s face plainly showed shock at the intensity of the insult. With a smirk Amy added “In for a penny in for a pound!”

Erica began to quickly assess the situation. At first, Amy’s plan seemed to work, for Erica had the urge to respond in kind. Though as she calmed herself she began to see through the little brat’s plan and set forth with a new determination not only to teach her a lesson in obedience but also send a strong message of her feelings about manipulation. Without a single word she advanced upon Amy, pried her hands from the side of the chair and threw her over her shoulder with ease.

Amy was so surprised by this turn of events she had no time to react. She squealed and struggled to no avail. The woman came to realize not only how very strong her partner was but also how gentle she had always been in comparison. This epiphany was short lived however, for Erica had taken a seat on the bed and placed her errant woman over her lap. Amy struggled to be released; cursing a blue streak, in a last ditch attempt to evade what she was due. But Erica simply held her there and waited. Eventually Amy had exhausted herself and was beginning to understand that she no longer had control over this undesirable series of events. Erica began to rub her back which calmed her a great deal and gave her time to reflect on the situation she had gotten herself into.

“Are you finished now, little grrl?” Erica asked gently. She knew that if Amy was angry and defensive that no amount of punishment would sway the stubborn woman. Amy nodded. “That was quite a performance. Right now we are going to talk about why you are getting this spanking. Why do you think I told you to be in bed at a decent time?”

“I don’t know” Amy shrugged.

“Perhaps I was trying to make sure you would be rested enough to wake up and make the trip. You know, I did really want you to come with me today.” As Amy squirmed at this statement Erica’s theory was confirmed. “Did you feel a little abandoned, baby?” she probed.

“Maybe.” came the small reply.

“Well I’m sorry you felt that way but I did try to wake you and I left you a note telling you where I was and when I would be back, did I not?” Erica’s voice began to take on a more serious tone.

Amy was lost in thought. She was starting think that she had not been wronged as gravely as she had imagined. She tried to view the situation from Erica’s point of view and how she would feel if the roles were reversed. Amy came to the conclusion that she would be angry and disappointed about having to make the trip alone. Add broken promises and insults on top of that and she would be downright livid with her partner. She sighed and suddenly she felt very guilty indeed.

“Hmmm? Are you going to answer me, Miss?” Erica asked, although her demeanour indicated that it wasn’t truly a question. She knew her brat had been doing some heavy thinking, and judging by her deep sigh Erica sensed she felt regret for her actions.

“Yes you did.” Amy replied timidly. “Erica?”

“Mm-hm” She responded as she smoothed the pretty black cotton over her lover’s bottom.

“I’m really sorry.” Amy wailed in the classic display of remorse and self pity.

“I know Honey and that is why I believe you are ready now.”

Without further ado, Erica began to spank her with hard slaps to her covered behind. Amy was stoic at first but she soon began to whimper as the hard smacks had a cumulative effect. She was sure that she had never been spanked this hard from the start before or perhaps she had just forgotten the sting. Whatever the case, she was beginning to heat up. Just before she began to beg for leniency, Erica stopped and stroked her hair. “That wasn’t so bad” she thought.

“Do you think it was appropriate to break two promises in one night, naughty grrl?” Erica asked.

“Ummm… no?” Amy offered.

“You don’t seem to sure about that answer. Let’s see if I can help make up your mind.” the dominant woman stated as she began to lift the teddy up to expose Amy’s pink bottom.

“I’m sure! I’m sure! I … OW!” cried Amy as she began to struggle. “Of all the days to wear a thong!” she thought desperately as slap after slap rained down upon her virtually bare behind.

Erica couldn’t help but smile a little partially due to her lover’s reaction but also because of the pretty sight she was privy to at that moment. She admired Amy’s cute butt as she wiggled and yelped but remained focused on her role as the top in their relationship. She began to bring her hand down faster, watching as Amy’s cheeks began to turn red and her protests became more frantic.

“Ow, please baby, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! I promise!” Amy moaned.

“Apparently promises don’t mean much to you, my dear! In fact that is the whole reason we are performing this little ritual.” Erica scolded as she continued to administer a thorough punishment.

Amy groaned at her own choice of words but quickly returned to voicing her discomfort as the spanking really began to sting. She realized that Erica must really be upset considering the vigour in which she brought her hand down. As Amy began to sniffle, once again Erica stopped and lent down to place her mouth at the nape of the woman’s neck.

“So are you sure now, bad grrl?” Erica purred.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. Now that we are clear on that point, do you remember what you said before I was forced to carry you in here like the little brat you are?” Erica stroked the red bottom before her. “In for a penny in for a pound I believe it was. Hmm?”

“Yes Ma’am, I’m sorry” Amy responded quickly. She did not like where this conversation was leading at all. She began to curse her sharp tongue and made a vow never to tease her girlfriend again.

“If it weren’t for your smart mouth we would be finished here.” Erica informed her lover ignoring the groan of self pity. “If you will, that was the penny and this is the pound”

With that statement she lowered Amy’s panties and began to apply twenty hard smacks to her sit spot. Amy began to cry partly due to the increased intensity of her punishment but mostly due to remorse. She never felt so chastised or so embarrassed about her behaviour toward her partner as she did when her bottom was truly bare. When the spanking ended she continued to release all of her tensions and feelings of guilt as Erica rubbed her back and spoke softly to her.

“Good grrl. Everything is going to be alright.” She cooed as she stroked her hair.

Erica no longer felt upset, she felt proud of her girlfriend for taking her punishment and she told her so as she lifted her up to sit on her knee.

“Really?” Amy sniffed.

“Yes, really.” Erica soothed as she hugged her. They cuddled for a while and both women felt lighter and closer to each other.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am” Amy whispered into her lover’s neck.

“I know, darling, I know. You’re my good grrl again.” Erica said tenderly as Amy sighed contentedly. “You still have to do the dishes though.” They both began to giggle as they flopped back on the bed.  After cuddling for a while and many soft words and softer kisses Erica sat up.

“Well, my dear, I am going to prep the pots for planting and you best get your tender tail into that kitchen. I want you to finish quickly so we can plant together. I have to change first, get going!” Erica laid smack on Amy’s rump as she hastened to obey.

“Ow! Yes, Ma’am” Amy replied with a sheepish grin.

As Erica began to don her gardening clothes she heard a squeal of delight from the kitchen. Suddenly she was hugged from behind and received a flurry of kisses to the back of her neck that continued as she turned to face her beaming girlfriend.

“Snapdragons! Oh they are beautiful! The perfect colours! How did you know!” Amy squealed as she continued to pepper her love with kisses.

“They are your favourite, silly! As for the colours I guessed” Erica grinned “Now get cleaning so you can plant them the way you want”

Amy clapped her hands and skipped off to do a chore Erica had never seen her do without a fight.


For the next hour or so Erica readied the soil on the sunny balcony. Every now and then she would glance in to see Amy washing dishes with an apron that clung to her curves perfectly. She especially enjoyed seeing her cute bottom, still rosy from earlier, just visible beneath the black lace of her teddy as she bopped along to the songs on the radio. A short while later they were both happily planting their little seedlings and playfully arguing about what plant should go where. As afternoon gave way to evening the heat began to break. The two women, entwined in each others arms, surveyed their work with pride and felt content that the balance of power within their home had been restored.